13th June 2007

House Extension

In 2004, we considered moving house to give ourselves more space for a growing family, but wanted to stay in the area we were already living in.

Problem was, everyone else wanted to move into this area too - so properties that met our requirements were snapped up before we could agree a deal.

We decided that it would be better to make use of the land that we already had, and redevelop our house.

After endless (expensive!) meetings with the architect, and numerous discussions with the planning authorities at the council, we recieved planning approval for a two-storey extension to the side of our house, with permission also to create a bedroom and bathroom in the attic space.

The plans are here

The area at the side of the house will have to be excavated, as there is a "mound of earth" sloping up to our side border with a road.

The construction phase is finally due to get underway on June 12th 2007, although we are going to do it in two phases.(We can't afford to do the lot in one go!!) Phase one being the main extension, and phase two being the attic conversion - although some aspects of the attic conversion (plumbing, heating and electrical) will be carried out during phase one.

We plan to keep a blog of the project on this page.

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