13th June 2007

House Extension

So, on June 13th work finally began.


Day one started with a bit of huffing and puffing - Mainly Adrian writing a rather sizeable cheque for the deposit for the builders, but also the builders themselves as they remove a section of our nine foot high beech hedge - by hand!

Removal of the hedge was necessary, as it will make moving plant equipment onto site much easier, and provide a place for the skips to be kept on site.

Before work began

A skip soon appears (the first of many!) and the demolition of Lisa's carefully tendered garden begins!


A mini JCB type digger arrives, and the mound of earth that has happily sat at the side of the house for many years starts to disappear to make way for our extension.

Digger Arrives

Over the next couple of days, we realise that this 'mound of earth' actually turns out to be 160 tonnes of earth!

Day three - a bad day for all! Adrian is filming on location at Twycross Zoo for ITV, and has forgotton some of his essential equipment(!) Lisa as the dutiful wife dashes to the rescue - just as the builders dig right through the gas main!

With no access to the house they need someone back on site - quick!

Lisa piles the children back into the car, and begins the journey home with Adrian's words ringing in her ears: "Don't kill yourself -but get there quick!" ringing in her ears!

All is well though, and things are fine when lisa arrives home. A gas main that should be buried by a couple of feet is in fact around two inches underground. Forunately it was the builders who discovered it, and not Lisa whilst doing some over-enthusiastic gardening!


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